Use of Facilities Policy

Relevant excerpt

Any groups desiring to obtain event space in any University facility or in any open any area must submit a completed Cameron University “Request for Activity or Use of University Facility Form” to the Coordinator of Special Events, who is responsible for coordinating events and calendaring activities.

Standard requests should be received at least two weeks in advance. Emergency requests cannot be acted upon if received less than 72 hours before the proposed starting time of the event. The individual or group requesting space must obtain signed approval by the appropriate facility supervisors as noted on the “Request for Activity or Use of University Facility Form.”

Assembly Locations
The University permits events for University groups in the open area south of the Student Union and area east of the Fitness Center with prior approval (registration). All such events must be conducted without sound amplification equipment.

Peaceful Demonstration
All persons shall have the right to peacefully demonstrate, strike or otherwise use the public streets, roads, sidewalks or other public property of Cameron University for the purpose of expressing their opinions or viewpoints, or imparting information.

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