Student Handbook: Facility Use Policy- Security

Relevant excerpt

The University wants to provide a safe and secure environment for its community. During events, gatherings, and assemblies attracting large groups of people, there is an increased risk for affrays, altercations, vandals, predators, and other disturbances that can cause injury to attendees or other individuals and that can cause damage to University property or that of others.. During all such events, the following minimum standards will apply:

5.1     The Director of Public Safety, or his/her designee, shall have the final decision- making capability and will decide how many police officers will be present, if any, and how many security personnel will be present, if any, after being properly advised as to the facts surrounding the event and the likelihood of potential disruptions or security threats, based on the history of the event in other areas, room size, value of the property, number of entry and exit points, daytime/nighttime use, estimated crowd size, and the nature of the area hosting the event.

5.2     Conferencing Services, in conjunction with the Director of Public Safety, or his/her designee, shall review security requirements for all events scheduled outdoors or in classroom facilities. When the Director of Conferencing Services determines that additional security beyond that normally provided is necessary, the Director of Conferencing Services shall so inform the RSO/Student. The RSO/Student shall be responsible for the cost of additional security.

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