Campus Safety and Security: Bias Incident Reporting

Relevant excerpt

Upon receipt of any report alleging a bias incident, the Bias Incident Response Team will convene to review and respond to reported incidents. The team will meet as soon as practical but no later than one week following the receipt of the report. The team will assess the report, investigate, and determine the appropriate measures to be taken. Such measures may include, but are not limited to, the following: making a record of the incident, communicating the incident to the Clark community, pursuing disciplinary action through the student conduct or employment process, referring the matter to the relevant office for appropriate action, offering conflict resolution options, and reporting to appropriate internal departments and outside agencies.

In the event the nature of the incident warranted communication with the Clark community, the Bias Incident Response Team will also provide follow-up communication to inform the community regarding the outcome of the investigation and the University’s response to the incident.

The Bias Incident Response Team’s processes do not create a new category of prohibited behavior or a new process for members of the University community to be disciplined or sanctioned. The Bias Incident Response Team has no authority to discipline any student or employee. Bias incidents that violate the University’s Student Code of Conduct will be referred to and addressed through the University’s student judicial process. Reports of bias incidents involving staff or faculty will be referred to Human Resources or Office of the Provost as appropriate. The University may refer to the criminal courts any bias incident that violates Massachusetts law. Bias incidents that violate neither the law nor University policies will be addressed by an educational response that may include conflict resolution, led by the Bias Incident Response Team.

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