Protests and Demonstrations Policy

Relevant excerpt

University officials will determine if the noise level for any outdoor protest or demonstration is of an unacceptable volume and participants will be expected to comply with directives in that regard.

Individuals may not disrupt the orderly processes of the University that involve teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings, or other activities.

Signs and banners will not be permitted in indoor spaces during a protest or demonstration, so as to not interfere with the reasonable viewing, participation, or safety of others.

An organization or department hosting an event is responsible for finding coverage for all costs associated with the event, including security, if such is deemed necessary by the DPOT in collaboration with University administration. Excessive security costs should not be construed as a disincentive to host an event of a controversial nature; groups or programs encountering budget limitations should reach out to the Office of Student Leadership & Programming/Events Planning or the Office of the Provost as early as possible to plan for event costs accordingly. No University subsidy will be available except by prior arrangement.

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