Guide to Student Life: Policy Regarding Appropriate Use of CMC’s Computing and Network Resources

Category: Internet Usage Policies School: Claremont McKenna College Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: September 14, 2017

Relevant excerpt

The College reserves the right to inspect and monitor data and communications at any time, for any reason it determines in its sole discretion. This includes monitoring network usage, including contents, and examining files on any system that is or has been connected to the network. Accordingly, no individual should have any expectation of privacy for messages or other data recorded in the CMC’s CNF Resources.

The use of CMC’s CNF Resources to create, transmit, or store material that is fraudulent, harassing, obscene (e.g., pornographic), threatening, or other messages or material that are a violation of applicable law or College policy, such as under circumstances that might contribute to the creation of a hostile academic or work environment, is prohibited.

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