Code of Student Conduct 05-06

Relevant excerpt

1. Students shall be free to examine and to
discuss all questions of interest to them
and to express opinions publicly and
privately. They shall always be free to
support any causes by lawful means. At
the same time, it shall be made clear to
the academic and at-large community
that in their public expression or
demonstrations students or organization
speak only for themselves.
2. Discussion and expression of all lawful
views is permitted within the
institution in public places subject to
reasonable time, manner, and place
requirements for maintenance of order
and to applicable state, federal, and
local laws. The University retains the
right to provide for the safety of
individuals, the protection of property,
and the continuity of the educational
process in maintaining order.
3. Chartered student organizations may
invite and hear any persons of their
own choosing, subject to requirements
for use of institutional facilities, and
subject to the rules and regulations
governing student organizations.
4. Students have a right to express opinions
through student publications, and they
have a responsibility to adhere to the
canons of professional journalism.

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