Community General Policies

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Students, faculty and staff are expected to dress in a manner that is respectful of others and is reflective of Christian character. Awareness of the appropriate dress for each occasion is an essential element in the social development of the individual. The following guidelines will allow students to make wise choices about their dress on campus and at all College sponsored events:

- Clothing with advertising, pictures and/or sayings that are contrary to the College mission and College policy is not permitted, including, but not limited to, clothing that demeans and/or dramatizes sexuality or promotes alcohol or drugs.
- Clothing that bares the midriff and/or exposes cleavage as well as inappropriately short and/or revealing skirts, shorts, pants and shirts are not permitted.
- Shirts and shoes must be worn in all public buildings. Rapidly changing styles make the development of a detailed dress code challenging. Individuals should always use good judgment when making decisions about their dress. Students involved in athletics and the performing arts are expected to wear clothing appropriate to their activities and direct any questions to their respective coaches and faculty members. Implementation of these dress expectations is the responsibility of the entire College community. Questions of interpretation should be directed to the Dean of Student Life.

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