Student Organization Handbook: General policies for student organizations- Rallies

Relevant excerpt

Many organizations use rallies on campus as forums to present views on campus, national, and world issues. Title One (Statement of Principles and Policies), Article III (Responsible Speech and Expression) of the Campus Code of Conduct outlines the university policy on responsible speech and expression. Rally organizers are expected to be familiar with this section of the campus code, assure each speaker’s right to free speech, and take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of speakers and participants. The rally space is located on Ho Plaza between WSH and the Campus Store. To reserve this space, organizations must make reservations on-line using the R25 Reservation System, and complete the Event Registration Form. In accordance with the campus noise ordinance, and to minimize the potential for disruption of classes, amplified sound is permitted on campus only between the hours of noon and 1 p.m. on weekdays. This is the only time organizations may use a microphone or megaphone at rallies.

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