Interim Policy on Time, Place, and Manner of Free Expression 14-15

Relevant excerpt

Members of the University community and non-University community may use campus buildings
and grounds for public meetings, performances, rallies and similar events. However, any groups,
whether students, faculty, staff or other members of the University community, or non-University
groups, that seek to hold events inside buildings, the amphitheater, or on athletic venues or fields,
must use the CSUB Facility Use Application procedures. Those procedures are found by
accessing the link “Plan an Event” at the bottom of the CSUB web page, The
highest priority for the use of University facilities is for the regular University instructional program
(i.e., teaching and instructional programs for credit), followed by instructionally related activities
and programs; research and consultant activities; and educational and co-curricular activities. Not
all University facilities are available.

Non-amplified outdoor demonstrations, rallies or protests may be held elsewhere on University
property, without requiring the CSUB Facility Use Application procedures, provided they adhere to
the general limitations described in Section III. Any group that wishes to conduct such a
demonstration or protest should contact the University Police Department, located in Building 6PS,
and reached by phone at 661-654-2111 and by email at [email address], 48 hours in advance, to
address public safety issues (routes of march, necessary public safety staffing, etc.), unless such
notice is impossible because the event is the result of a news item coming into public knowledge
less than 48 hours before the event.

The area adjacent to the west side of the Student Union (Runner Park) including the patio area is
designated as a public forum area in which all members of the University community and non-
University community may exercise their free speech rights without special restriction, subject only
to the limitations in Sections III and VI, including time restrictions. This area is available to
individual students, faculty, and staff and to University organizations on a first come first served
basis for free speech activities.

Provided the activity conforms to the limitations in Section III, individuals or organizations may,
without prior scheduling, hand out non-commercial written and printed materials including leaflets,
fliers, handbills, posters, petitions and circulars in any outdoor area of the university except roadways,
parking lots and athletic fields and arenas. The event should occur between the hours of 9:00 a.m.
and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session.

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