Policy No. D‐19: Policy on Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression (Interim) 

Relevant excerpt

Fresno State has established procedures for large‐scale planned events and activities to ensure effective coordination and to provide individuals and groups with a means to reserve facilities, spaces, equipment, and other resources and support services. … These scheduling procedures do not apply to spontaneous events, or events by individuals or groups who wish to use campus grounds to express viewpoints. In such cases it is recommended and preferred that individuals and groups follow the scheduling protocols, but not required.

While freedom of expression is allowed in all outdoor spaces on campus, the Speaker’s Platform is the most common place where individuals and groups assemble to exercise the right of free expression unless the space has already been scheduled in advance. Other outdoor spaces on campus may be used as public gathering spaces for events and activities

Individuals may, without prior scheduling, distribute non‐commercial written and printed materials in any outdoor area of Fresno State (excepting roadways and parking lots) or in any Fresno State building.

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