Campus Administrative Policy #3018: Expressive Activities

Relevant excerpt

The university recognizes that expression takes many forms, including peaceful assembly, protests, speaking verbally, holding signs, circulating petitions, and distributing written materials. This policy is intended to promote lawful, non-commercial expression across the university. The university does not designate any area on campus as a free speech zone and does not restrict student expressive activities to particular areas of campus.

Consistent with Colorado law, the university recognizes that the generally accessible, open, outdoors areas of campus are Student Forums.

Due to the university’s need to ensure and maintain its academic mission, Expressive Activities are not appropriate within academic or other university buildings. In addition, to avoid disruption the academic mission, business operations, patient care activities, or regular functions of the university, the university has identified the following locations as most appropriate for Expressive Activities:

CU Anschutz
• The Parade Grounds located on the Anschutz Medical Campus at East 17th Place and Racine Street
• The amphitheater located on the Anschutz Medical Campus between the Research 1 and Research 2 Buildings.
• Education Quad located between Education Building 1 and Education Building 2 North.

CU Denver
The preferred locations for Expressive Activities on CU Denver is the flagpole area located on the Auraria Campus. Expressive activities occurring on the sidewalks adjacent to the Lawrence Street Center, the Business School and the CU (Dravo) Building on the CU Denver campus are under the jurisdiction of the City of Denver. Expressive Activities occurring on the Auraria Higher Education Campus (AHEC) are subject to AHEC policies.

Expressive Activities are not restricted to the above listed locations. However, the university encourages Expressive Activities to take place at these locations in order to minimize disruption to the campus community, business operations and patient care activities, and to ensure appropriate arrangements for the Expressive Activity can be put into place.

Individuals may engage in Canvassing in accordance with the time, place, and manner parameters set forth in this Policy.

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