Division of Student Affairs: About the CCRS

Relevant excerpt

The goal of the Community Concerns Reporting System (previously known as the Bias Reporting System) at Case Western Reserve University is to help educate and promote an inclusive community by supporting students through a clear and streamlined process for reporting incidents of perceived mistreatment, cultural/ethnic insensitivity, and bias.

Mistreatment perceived as stemming from one’s ethnic identity, gender identity/expression, skin color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation contributes to a hostile environment and has negative social, emotional, and/or physical impacts on a an individual, group or community. We hope that by identifying such perceived incidents, through dialogue and ongoing educational opportunities, our CWRU campus community will become a leader in how to effectively improve the overall climate of our campus for students and all other constituencies.


Institute a CCRS that will:

  • Intervene in crisis moments
  • Act as an immediate support system
  • Provide referrals
  • Communicate information with campus partners
  • Document incidents
  • Create reporting structures that encourage accountability and ensure student concerns are heard

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