Demonstrations and Mass Gatherings

Relevant excerpt

In some instances it may be the desire of some students or other individuals to express their views and make their opinions known through the process of orderly demonstration. The primary responsibility of the University is to maintain conditions conducive to the effective conduct of academic affairs and to the preservation of dignity of public events and ceremonies. Campus demonstrations:

  • Must be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance with the Public Safety Office.
  • Must be conducted in an orderly manner with areas used to be left in a state identical to that which it was in previous to usage.
  • Must not interfere in any way with vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • Must not interfere with classes, scheduled meetings, ceremonies, activities, or other educational or operational processes of the University.
  • May not be held within University buildings or any outdoor facility when University functions are in process therein.
  • Individuals or groups with a past history of interrupting the academic processes the University will be denied a reservation to hold a demonstration on campus.

Demonstrations include but are not limited to such activities as picketing, distribution of leaflets, and the presence of persons for the general purpose of registering sentiment and opinion.

Participation in mass gatherings that are considered to be disorderly and/or unlawful will subject a student to possible disciplinary action as severe as suspension from the University. Only a few students intentionally get involved in mob misconduct, but many so-called “spectators” get drawn into a disturbance and by their very presence contribute to the dimensions of the problems. It must be understood that the University considers anyone, whether actively involved or spectator, to be a participant subject to full enforcement of the law and University regulations when he/she is in violation of the laws or policies as an individual or as a member of a crowd.

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