Disruptive and Disorderly Behavior 05-06

Relevant excerpt

(2) Disruptive Classroom Conduct. Disruptive classroom conduct means engaging in behavior
that substantially or repeatedly interrupts either the instructor's ability to teach or student learning.
The classroom extends to any setting where a student is engaged in work toward academic credit or
satisfaction of program-based requirements or related activities.
(7) Disorderly Conduct on Campus. Disorderly conduct on campus means engaging in conduct
on campus that incites or threatens to incite an assault or breach of the peace; breaching the peace; obstructing or disrupting teaching, research, administrative, and public service functions; or
obstructing or disrupting disciplinary procedures or authorized University activities.
(13) Disruptive Behavior. Disruptive behavior means willfully disrupting University events;
participating in a campus demonstration that disrupts the normal operations of the University and
infringes on the rights of other individuals; leading or inciting others to disrupt scheduled or normal
activities of the University; engaging in intentional obstruction that interferes with freedom of
movement, either pedestrian or vehicular, on campus; using sound amplification equipment on
campus without authorization; or making or causing noise, regardless of the means, that disturbs authorized University activities or functions.

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