Acceptable Use Policy and User Agreement

Relevant excerpt

Any inappropriate email, as defined below, is prohibited. Users receiving such email should immediately contact the ITS Help Desk at 717-358-6789 or In the case of serious risks or harm, users should contact the Office of Public Safety at 717-358-3939. Examples of the inappropriate use of electronic messaging include:

  • The creation and exchange of messages which are harassing, obscene, or threatening;
  • The unauthorized exchange of sensitive or confidential data;
  • The creation and exchange of advertisements, solicitations, or chain letters.
  • The knowing transmission of a message containing a computer virus or a message which is intended to trick or mislead the recipient into performing an action;
  • The misrepresentation of the identity of the sender of a message; and
  • The use or attempt to use the accounts of others without their permission.

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