General College Rules and Regulations 05-06

Relevant excerpt

It shall constitute a violation to:
- Harass and/or intimidate (which includes conduct causing alarm or recklessly
creating a risk by threatening to commit crimes against persons or their property or the face to face use of inflammatory words) any person on college property or other property, which the student code applies. (Inflammatory
words are those personally abusive epithets which, when directly addressed to an ordinary person, in the context used and as matter of common knowledge, are inherently likely to provide an immediate violent reaction, whether or not they actually do. Such words include, but are not limited to, those terms widely recognized to be derogatory reference to race, ethnicity, religion, sex,
sexual orientation, disability and other personal characteristics.)
- Engage in lewd, indecent or obscene conduct or expression.
- Conduct oneself in such a manner so as to reflect unfavorably upon the
individual student or the college community.

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