Office of Inclusive Excellence: Report a Biased Incident

Relevant excerpt

It is our hope that students, faculty, and staff on all Georgia Southern campuses feel safe and valued in their emotional and physical space. However, sometimes that space gets invaded through micro-aggressions, slurs, discriminatory words, and unwanted touch or actions. A starting point for making a complaint is the Biased Incident Report. Any member of the GS community can use this form. Just download it here, complete it, and submit it. All reports are reviewed by the Biased Incident Response Team (BIRT) within 72 hours. Persons submitting a report can expect a response within 24 hours after BIRT has reviewed the submission. BIRT convenes to determine the basis of the complaint – if it is a Title IX/compliance issue or a biased incident. Biased incidents are words or actions that make a person feel uncomfortable but do not rise to the level of being discriminatory. All Title IX/compliance and discriminatory complaints are referred to Joel Wright in the Equal Opportunity & Title IX Office for investigation. Biased Incident Reports are referred to another member of the team, largely based on if a student or faculty/staff made the complaint and which campus the complaint originated.

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