GW Haven: Sexual Harassment

Category: Harassment Policies School: George Washington University Statement Rating: Red Last updated: January 8, 2018

Relevant excerpt

Sexual harassment refers to a range of unwanted sexual behaviors or attention. These can be targeted at an individual and can also impact larger environments. People of all genders can commit sexual harassment, and also be victimized by it.

Types of Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment can be verbal, visual, relational, or electronic. Some examples of sexual harassment:

  • gender stereotyping and policing
  • cat calling or street harassment
  • sending inappropriate or unwanted pictures
  • sexual jokes or gender based jokes
  • repeated advances or come-ons

Some of these behaviors might seem harmless on their own, but they can add up to create a hostile environment in which people feel unsafe, targeted, or unable to go about their daily lives.

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