Policy Library: Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment Involving Students

Category: Harassment Policies School: Iowa State University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: January 31, 2018

Relevant excerpt

Sexual harassment can include unwelcome behavior (verbal, written, physical) that is directed at someone because of that person’s sex or gender, and that meets either of the following criteria: …

  • The behavior creates a hostile, intimidating or demeaning environment that is sufficiently severe, pervasive and objectively offensive to substantially interfere with or deny participation in a student’s educational activities and benefits or employment opportunities.
    • Examples can include persistent efforts to develop a sexual relationship; bullying/cyber-bullying of a sexual nature or for a sexual purpose; unwelcome commentary about an individual’s body or sexual activities; unwanted sexual attention; repeated and unwelcome sexually-oriented teasing, joking or flirting; verbal abuse of a sexual nature. Comments or communications could be verbal, written or electronic.

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