Policies & Regulations Affecting Students: University Policy on Anti-Harassment

Relevant excerpt

Harassment of any member of the University community is prohibited.

a. Definition of harassment as it relates to conduct. “Harassment” means intentional conduct directed toward an identifiable person or persons that is sufficiently severe, pervasive, or persistent that it interferes with work, educational performance, on-campus living, or participation in a University activity on or off campus.

b.Definition of harassment as it relates to the content of speech. When an allegation of harassment rests upon the content of oral, written, or symbolic speech, it falls within this definition only if 1) the content consists of those personally abusive epithets which are inherently likely to provoke a violent reaction, 2) the content is a serious expression of an intent to commit an act of unlawful violence to a particular individual or group of individuals, or 3) the content is a threat to a person or group of persons with the intent of placing the victim in fear of bodily harm or death. Conduct that constitutes a protected exercise of an individual’s rights under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (and related principles of academic freedom) shall not be deemed a violation of this policy.

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