Code of Student Conduct: Policy on Speech and Advocacy

Relevant excerpt

The University has a special obligation to protect free inquiry and free expression. On University grounds open to the public generally, all persons may exercise the constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, and assembly. Such activities must not, however, interfere with the right of the University to conduct its affairs in an orderly manner and to maintain its property, nor may they interfere with the University’s obligation to protect rights of all to teach, study, conduct business, and fully exchange ideas. Physical force, the threat of force, or other coercive activities used to subject anyone to a speech of any kind is expressly forbidden.

Orderly behavior and the normal conduct of University affairs shall govern time, place, and manner of exercising free speech and advocacy. Regard for the privacy of others shall be observed, and reasonable precautions shall be taken against practices which would make persons on campus involuntary audiences. Activities that are determined to pose a risk to personal safety, university property, or facility security will be rescheduled until such time that adequate and appropriate security can be made available, as determined by the UCI Police Department. Refer to UCI Administrative Policies and Procedures Section 905.

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