Dean of Students: Bias Incident Reporting

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What is a bias incident?

A bias incident targets a person based on age, color, religion, disability (physical or mental), race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, or veteran status. Bias incidents occur when someone is subject to discrimination, harassment, abuse, bullying, stereotyping, hostility, marginalization, or another form of mistreatment simply because they identify with or are part of a particular group.


  • A wall is defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti.
  • A staff member tells a sexist joke.
  • A faculty member makes a racist comment.
  • A job candidate is not hired because of his age.
  • A student is mocked for having a disability.
  • A student is ridiculed for being transgender.
  • A faculty member makes a joke about a student veteran having PTSD.
  • An international student is verbally harassed because of where she is from.

If you experience or witness a bias incident, you can submit a Care Report to alert the university about it. Reporting an incident allows IU to address the issue and take steps to prevent future incidents.

Possible Responses to an Incident

Responses to bias incidents may include:

  • A notice to the campus community about the incident to create awareness and influence change
  • Educational conversations, workshops, seminars, and trainings
  • Removal of graffiti or flyers
  • Mediation and faciliated dialogue
  • Support and assistance to affected individuals and/or communities
  • Resolution agreements (e.g., behavioral contracts)
  • Verbal warnings
  • Referrals to relevant resources (e.g., Counseling and Psychological Services’ Let’s Talk program)
  • Referrals to other offices or departments as appropriate (e.g., the Office of Student Conduct or the IU Police Department)

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