Board of Governors Policy SA-1: The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Relevant excerpt

Standard 3: Marshall University students and student groups respect and honor the human rights, and dignity of other persons, groups, and organizations. Violations of this standard include but are not limited to: Harassment/Bullying: Any action or behavior directed towards another person, including but not limited to, physical force or conduct, intimidation, stalking, hazing, or degradation that results in the intent or actuality to physically or mentally harm another person, which threatens or violates an individual’s personal safety and/or well-being. Cyber bullying/Harassment, includes any language that can serve as a hindrance, interfere with another students educational activity or potentially result in another student feeling tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed that is generated from the internet, interactive and digital technology, mobile phones or personal electronic devices regardless of origin network.

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