Advertising, Distribution, Solicitation and Facilities Usage Policy

Relevant excerpt

In order to provide an atmosphere in which open communication can occur without disrupting the academic mission or daily functions of the University, the following procedures are established to govern the distribution of published materials, handbills, posters, petitions for signature, etc., on campus:

  • Individuals may distribute non-commercial, written materials (i.e. leafleting) on campus subject to the parameters outlined in the University’s Expressive Activity Policy. Distribution of written materials will be limited to the exterior of buildings, unless at a Plaster Student Union contract table (such tables are available for use only by members of the University community defined as faculty, staff and students). Persons on request may be required to identify themselves, and are required to be responsible for littering that they create in any leafleting effort. Normal vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic must not be disrupted.

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