Student Handbook: Student Rights and Responsibilities- Demonstration Regulation

Relevant excerpt

Any individual, group or organization that wishes to demonstrate or assemble on the University’s campus shall, at least 48 hours in advance of the planned demonstration or assembly, obtain from, and file with, the Office of the Dean of Students a “Request for Demonstration, Assembly, Presentation or Forum,” which sets forth a) the identity of the individual, group or organization making the request  b) the date(s) and time(s) of the event; c) the desired location for the event; d) the planned objective of the event; e) the materials that will be used to conduct the event, including information concerning any music or sound amplification; f) for groups or organizations, the number of people expected to participate in the event; and g) the estimated number of people the event organizers expect to attract to the event.

The University recognizes there may be occasions that do not permit the submission of an application 48 hours in advance of a demonstration or assembly. Such spontaneous demonstrations or assemblies in response to emergent situations where advance planning is not possible are permitted, but they are limited in location to: a) the plaza in front of the Student Center or b) the Amphitheater. Any individual, group or organization calling for or organizing such a demonstration or assembly must report that information immediately to the Office of the Dean of Students, and comply with the time, place and manner provisions set forth above in this policy.

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