University Statement on Equal Opportunity

Relevant excerpt

As an ever-growing pluralistic society and in a world whose boundaries are made increasingly flexible by technology and global economics, it is fundamental to our institutional mission to create a community without bias and to oppose vigorously any form of racism, religious intolerance, sexism, ageism, homophobia, harassment and discrimination against those with disabling conditions. It is critical that each and every member of this community understand that Montclair State University eschews hate of any kind and will not tolerate behavior that violates the civil and statutory rights of any individual or group. Within this framework, each of us can feel free to express ourselves in ways that promote openness within a pluralistic and multicultural society.

To ensure that we understand our responsibility to contribute to a community that embraces these values and that we are accountable for our behavior in this regard, all persons in positions of responsibility and authority will be held strictly accountable for promoting the highest degree of fairness and equity by both personally exemplifying these principles and holding all those around them accountable as well.

It is essential that each member of the campus community incorporate these values into daily life at Montclair State University so that we may all work and learn together in a spirit of appreciation for the differences among us and with mutual respect and dignity.

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