REG 11.55.02 – Use of University Space

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: North Carolina State University – Raleigh Statement Rating: Green Last updated: November 16, 2017

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5.1  Advance Notice

5.1.1 Groups and individuals must reserve the use of space for their activity before the proposed time and date of the event (the “notice requirement”).

  1. For outdoor uses of University space, the notice requirement is at least two (2) university business days. Requests to reserve space are to be submitted electronically.  Information on submitting request can be obtained from the Student Involvement website.
  2. For use of other University space (including indoor space), the notice requirement shall be set by the Dean or Vice Chancellor with administrative responsibility for the University space, or their designees. The notice requirement for such use is typically thirty (30) calendar days.

5.1.2 The Responsible Administrator will confer and coordinate with University Police and other relevant University departments or units when appropriate, and the reservation may be issued for a later time and date if extra time is needed to plan the activity, arrange for adequate security or because the proposed time conflicts with use by another group.  The university may waive the notice requirement for good cause shown.


5.7  Unscheduled Outdoor Uses

5.7.1  Occasionally, events occur which demand immediate public outcry (“unscheduled use”). It is not the intent of the university to limit students’ and University employees’ right to assemble or protest when such events occur.  Unscheduled uses may occur by University Groups, Student Groups, students, and University employees provided that the activity does not interfere with university activities as described in this Regulation or any events or functions for which that the occupied space has been reserved in advance.

5.7.2  Although not required, to further the effectiveness of the unscheduled use, University Groups, Student Groups, students, and University employees are encouraged to contact Student Involvement and provide notification about the activity.  Advance notification enables the University to help ensure that the activity does not conflict with a reserved or scheduled use, takes place in a constructive manner, the event is effective, to safeguard the participants’ safety, and to assist organizers in seeing that the activity does not disrupt the University’s educational activities and essential processes.

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