Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards – Student Handbook – Advertising Policy

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I. The Department of Campus Programs (DCP) shall have authority over all advertising at Roger Williams University with the exception of the Public Affairs Office and the University residence halls.

A. The secretary of Campus Programs (SCP) shall be the official enforcer of all advertising at Roger Williams University with the exception of the Public Affairs Office and the University residence halls.

B. Any advertising body shall first notify the SCP of any advertisement they plan to post at the University in order to get the necessary approval stamp.

C. All advertisements must display the stamp from DCP. To get advertisements stamped, please see the SCP in the Department of Campus Programs office, located on the lower level of the Student Union.

II. The Secretary of Campus Programs (SCP) shall enforce the advertising policy as outlined in this handbook.

A. Upon receiving approval for advertising, the advertisers shall be allowed to post on bulletin boards in all areas where it is labeled appropriate, or may leave the items with the SCP to be posted by the Department of Campus Programs staff.

B. The bulletin boards used for posting are located in the Student Union.


III. Sandwich boards are available for larger advertisements, on a first-come, first-served basis, and may be obtained through the Department of Campus Programs. They are to be placed in the lobby of the Student Union or in front of the building.

IV. [...] All banners hung in the Student Union must be produced by the Department of Campus Programs. To schedule a banner advertisement, come to the Department of Campus Programs and complete a Banner Request form.

V. Election Campaigning Restrictions:

A. All candidates' flyers and posters must have the approval stamp of the DCP. Campaign flyers and posters may only be hung on Student Senate boards.


VI. Stipulations placed on all advertising shall contain the following regulations:


C. It shall not contain vulgar, obscene, and/or questionable words or statements.

D. It shall not be discriminatory.


G. No advertisements may be distributed by hand to individuals or placed on cars.

H. No advertisements may contain language relating to alcohol (e.g. drink or pitcher specials of any sort, kegs, etc.).

VII. Should posted material of a certain advertising body be found in violation of any of the advertising policies, the following actions will be taken:

A. Any advertisement found in violation will be taken down by DCP staff, dated and submitted to the DCP.

B. First Violation: A written warning will be sent to the advertiser.

C. Second Violation: A fine of $25 will be issued.

D. Third Violation: Suspension of all advertising privileges for a set time to be determined by DCP.