Student Organizations Handbook: Standards of Conduct for Events

Relevant excerpt

Pepperdine is a Christian University. As such, all events, programs, and performances must be suitable for family audiences. All participants, whether internal (students) or external (vendors, artists, and producers), shall perform and/or conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the standards of the University. If participants fail to adhere to University standards disciplinary action may ensue. Examples of these standards include:

  • No alcoholic beverages or non-¬≠prescribed drugs are permitted on campus. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics will be reported to the local authorities and removed from campus. The University will not honor any rider requests to provide Performer/Group/Entertainer with alcohol.

  • No unlawful or improper conduct or language is permitted on stage during a performance or on campus. Examples of behavior and/or language inconsistent with the standards of the University include, but are not limited to: mosh pits, stage diving, crowd surfing, or any other actions that may create a dangerous situation; statements that disparage God, Jesus Christ, or religion; language that demeans and exploits women; explicit lyrics; and references to sex, alcohol, and narcotics/drugs. Under no circumstances will the Student/Performer/Group/Entertainer use profanity or tell obscene jokes or stories of any kind whatsoever during the performance. The determination of what is improper or obscene with respect to statements made by the Student/Performer/Group/Entertainer will be made in good faith by the University, and will be at the sole and absolute discretion of the University.

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