University Policy Manual: Policy AD51 Use of Outdoor Areas for Expressive Activities

Relevant excerpt

Based upon careful study, the following areas of the University Park Campus have been designated as areas suitable for expressive activity:

  • Old Main front patio
  • Allen Street Gate Plaza
  • Willard Building patio area between Willard and Obelisk
  • Palmer Art Museum Plaza
  • Northwest corner of Shortlidge Rd. and College Avenue
  • Fisher Plaza
  • IST Plaza
  • Pattee Library Mall entrance plaza
  • HUB-Robeson – Rear sidewalk pad (not the Patio)
  • HUB-Robeson – Lawn
  • Osmond Fountain Area (after 5pm)
  • Area under the Willaman Gateway to the Life Sciences

With a proper reservation, a group will have exclusive use of the reserved location and may not transfer the reservation to or allow use of the location by any other group. If a location has not been reserved, it will be available for use by a group, consistent with the other requirements of this policy.

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