Free Speech & Open Expression on Campus

Relevant excerpt

Purdue University Northwest recognizes the protections guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and believes academic progress and freedom flourish when these rights are assured.  Consistent with these protections, and with the powers and duties granted to the Trustees of Purdue University by the Indiana General Assembly, the Trustees have published Regulations Governing the Use and Assignment of University Facilities (Policy1.4.1).

Consistent with the foregoing principles and regulations, Purdue University Northwest offers the following guidelines for the use of facilities at Purdue University Northwest.

Priority is given for use of any location by groups who register their assemblies with the University. Persons interested in exercising their rights of expression in specific location are encouraged but not required to reserve the location for their events. The use of megaphones is permitted as consistent with the applicable law and local ordinances, but amplified equipment may not be used outside.

Nothing in the foregoing shall be interpreted as limiting the right of student expression elsewhere on the campus so long as the expressive activity or related student conduct does not disrupt University activities and functions or violate any other applicable University policies. Obstructing building entrances, walkways, and rights-of-way; obstructing vehicular or pedestrian traffic on or adjacent to campus; or interfering with classes, meetings, events or ceremonies or with other essential processes of the University will generally be considered to be disruptive of University activities and functions.

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