Policy SA-PO-1301: Free Expression Policy

Relevant excerpt

Spontaneous Expression: Any lawful free expression activity that:

is prompted by news or affairs coming into public knowledge less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to such activity;

is not planned more than twenty-four (24) hours in advance;

takes place in open, generally accessible outdoor areas on University property;

adheres to time, place, and manner requirements as set forth in section 5.C

Advance notification is not required for spontaneous expression (see Definitions in section 3.) by affiliated entities. However, if the spontaneous expression activity grows substantially, then notification by any participant, or other member of the University community aware of the activity, is encouraged. Such notification should be made by calling the University Scheduling Office (540-831-7000) during business hours, or the University Police (540-831-5500) during nonbusiness hours including weekends.

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