Bias Incident Resources: Role of the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT)

Relevant excerpt

A bias incident is an act of prejudice against an individual or groups based on their actual or perceived race/color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity/expression, age, disability, sexual orientation, and/or veteran or military status.

Examples may include vandalism to personal or university property, intimidating comments or messages, defacement of posters or signs, or similar acts, if there is evidence that the target or victim was chosen because of a characteristic such as those listed above.

DePauw University values the freedom to examine and discuss all questions of interest and expressions of opinions publicly and privately. Thus, it is important to note that just because the expression of an idea or point of view may be offensive or inflammatory to some, may not necessarily be a bias-related incident.

Not all bias incidents constitute harassment under these policies. However, even if a bias incident does not constitute harassment, we can and will respond to address hurtful behavior and to support the targeted individual or group.

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