Bias Incident Resources: Role of the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT)

Relevant excerpt

The Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) coordinates the University’s response to reported incidents of bias involving students outside of an academic setting. They will work to ensure that all parties involved in an incident Рvictims, students accused of the alleged conduct, and community members Рare supported and connected with appropriate resources. The Bias Incident Response Team will assign specific staff members to individual students and communities to offer ongoing support.

When a bias incident occurs, the person receiving the complaint will notify the Coordinator of BIRT, who will convene the team. The Bias Incident Response Team will determine if further investigation is needed to gather additional information, and if so, will appoint the person to conduct the investigation. Potential investigators include members of BIRT, Student Academic Life staff members, a Title IX Investigator, and Public Safety.

Once the investigation has concluded, all information will be forwarded to BIRT. The Bias Incident Response Team will review the investigative materials, develop a plan for response, and when appropriate, refer to the relevant student conduct process. The Bias Incident Response Team will work in collaboration with the student conduct process.

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