Residence Hall Values 05-06

Relevant excerpt

Your Residence Hall Is
An Open And Inclusive Community where freedom of thought and expression are encouraged, where
respect and civility are expected, and where action is taken when the rights of any community member are
infringed upon.
A Just Community where students can explore and share differences that lead to a dynamic educational
environment and where acts of harassment, bigotry, intimidation and intolerance are unacceptable.
We in College Housing at Northwestern Michigan College affirm our professional and personal
commitment to a sensitive, tolerant, and humane community in our residence halls and apartment
community. We strive to build residence halls and apartment communities in which individuals are neither
harassed, excluded, or made to feel uncomfortable because of sex, color, religion, race, sexual orientation,
weight, lifestyle or political beliefs.
We will continue to convey to our residents, as well as the entire
College community that acts of hatred will not be condoned or tolerated.

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