Student Conduct Code: Appendix D: Public Speaking, Distribution of Literature, Commercial Solicitation and Demonstrations in Public Areas

Relevant excerpt

Visitors to the campus, students, staff, or faculty wishing to use a public area to publicly address the University community at other than a University-sponsored event must first contact the Campus Center to insure that the time, place and manner of the address does not interfere with normal University functioning.

1. Within no less than 48 hours prior to the time requested to make a public address, persons wishing to use a public area space should inform Campus Center of the date, time, number of people involved, and the contact person for the event.

2. On a case-by-case basis, the University may waive the 48-hour notice requirement for spontaneous public addresses that are directly occasioned by news, events or affairs coming into public knowledge less than 48 hours prior to such address. Such spontaneous public addresses may be allowed upon the Alumni Plaza without the speaker or organizer first having to obtain a permit.

3. As a general rule, no individual or group will be permitted to engage in public address on campus more than two times per month and/or four visits per semester.

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