Outdoor Space Policy

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Public Expression Areas

St. Cloud State University recognizes the tradition of the “public square”; therefore, the university establishes the following outdoor areas for public expression:

The mall between Atwood and the Performing Arts Center

The mall area in front on the west side of Stewart Hall

The mall on the west side of Administrative Services Building

Plaza on the south side of the National Hockey Center

Southwest plaza side of the Husky Stadium

Individuals or groups wishing to use any campus facilities or grounds other than the Public Expression areas are encouraged to make arrangements through the office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration (finadmin@stcloudstate.edu or 320-308-2286). The purpose of making such arrangements is not to prohibit free speech, but rather to ensure that the proposed activity will not interfere with campus security or University operations, including regularly scheduled or reserved functions in the space being requested.

Public Expression areas, as designated above, are open to the public and do not require an advance reservation for use between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., however, notification of the intent to use the space is suggested in order to ensure that a location is available on a specific date and time. An application form for Use of Outdoor Space is available in the Supporting Documents section of this policy and procedure.

Speech That Is Not Protected:  The First Amendment to the United States Constitution does not protect speech or expression that threatens the health, safety or welfare of persons in the University community. Any speech that has the effect or is designed to inflict harm or cause a breach of the peace; incite an individual or individuals to commit a crime; threats to do harm; or speech that causes a panic is not considered protected speech. While the interpretation of these factors may be subjective, the University and its representatives must err on the side of caution in order to reasonably protect the University community members and property.

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