SDSU Policy and Procedure Manual 6:8: Use of University Facilities and Grounds for Expressive Activity by Student Organizations, Students, Employees, and their Guests

Relevant excerpt

f. Large-Scale Events: (1) events that are expected to attract 50 or more people, or (2) events that request the use of amplified sound. Such events include invited speakers, marches, parades, protests, and demonstrations.

i. To facilitate robust debate and the free exchange of ideas, the outdoor areas within the boundaries of the University, unless otherwise properly restricted, as depicted in the Outdoor Designated Public Forum Campus Map, constitute a designated public forum for the benefit of student organizations, students, employees, and their guests to engage in expressive activity. This use may be without prior permission from the University so long as:
1. The area has not been previously reserved or scheduled for a particular function;
2. No sound amplification is used;
3. Participants do not violate any SDBOR or University policies or engage in prohibited conduct; and
4. The General Guidelines set forth in Section 3.b. above are followed.

ii. Nothing in Section 3.c. limits the right of a student’s free expression elsewhere on campus, in keeping with the nature of the forum designated by the University and the implementation of SDBOR Policy 6:13, so long as the expressive activities or related conduct do not violate any other applicable SDBOR or University policy or constitute prohibited conduct.

Hosts of guests who are planning a large-scale event must contact the Senior Director of the Student Union, successor, or designee in advance of the largescale event. A representative of the Office of Student Activities will work with the requesting person to either meet the request or find a reasonable alternate time and/or location.

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