Student Organizations Handbook: Planning Activities and Events

Relevant excerpt

Only recognized student organizations in good standing with the University may host events on campus.

Students may distribute leaflets, informational sheets, compact discs, or similar materials outside the building in which a meeting has been scheduled by another organization, if the distributors position themselves twenty feet from the entrance and avoid restricting access. For outdoor events, distributors may position themselves twenty feet from the reserved lawn or area, again in a manner so as to avoid restricting access. There may be no charge or requested donations for these materials and the name and contact information of the distributing individual or organization must be provided on each piece.

Generally, picketing, distributing literature, silent or symbolic protests (e.g., holding signs, wearing certain clothing, standing, etc.), or short and spontaneous verbal reactions to a speaker are acceptable forms of protest and dissent, as long as they do not block, obstruct, or impede, among other things, access to a meeting or activity, passage of persons or vehicles, the audience’s view or ability to pay attention, and/or the speaker’s communication or ability to speak.

Recognized student organizations in good standing with the University have the privilege of posting on University bulletin boards and kiosks. The following policies govern postering on campus:
● All posters must be submitted and approved using Engage.
● Posters may be placed only on bulletin boards and kiosks reserved by an organization.

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