Social Policies and Regulations–Discriminatory Harassment

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Kalamazoo College is committed to taking a strong and unequivocal position against discriminatory harassment. We recognize the persistence of prejudice against historically oppressed groups in the greater society and seek to create a campus community in which all members are treated with equal concern and respect. An environment of mutual respect must prevail if the College is to fulfill its educational mission. A commitment to the College's Honor System in word, spirit and deed is fundamental to protecting the dignity of all members of the community and integral to that mission.

The mission of the College is predicated upon the open and free exchange of ideas and we must create a climate where diversity of conviction, opinion and expression is both valued and protected. Far from promoting discussion and debate, discriminatory harassment stifles the free exchange of ideas that is fundamental to the educational life and mission of the College.

Discriminatory harassment is defined as any expression or action which victimizes an individual or group on the basis of ability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sex or sexuality and has one or more of the following impacts on an individual or group:

--involves an expressed or implied threat to personal safety;
--creates an intimidating, hostile or demeaning environment;
--has the purpose or reasonably foreseeable effect of interfering with the full and free participation in the curricular or experiential educational life of the College;

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