Student Handbook: Guidelines for Assembly

Relevant excerpt

A. Prohibited Conduct. Although all University Policies (including, but not limited to, the Student Code of Conduct) apply to Assemblies on Stevens’ campus, the following non-exhaustive list provides examples of specific conduct that is prohibited at all Assemblies on the Stevens campus:

Defacement of any area of the campus, or any public display of objectionable or offensive material;

Members of the Stevens Community may engage in Assemblies on the Stevens campus, provided that individuals participating in such Assemblies comply with all directives from Stevens Campus Police and University administrators and do not engage in the conduct described in Section A of these guidelines. In order to ensure that such Assemblies do not disrupt the normal operations and activities of the University, it is recommended that Members of the Stevens Community submit a request to Kenneth Nilsen, Dean of Students, prior to any Assembly.

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