Student Catalogue – Code of Conduct

Relevant excerpt

Upon registration to the University, students acknowledge and agree to abide by this code. Harding University reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss students whose lifestyle is not consistent with the Christian principles for which Harding stands; and when the general welfare of the institution requires such action....
1. Students are encouraged to develop a servant-leadership-ministry lifestyle that integrates faith, learning and living.
2. Students are expected to pursue honesty and integrity, avoiding all forms of dishonesty.
3. To encourage spiritual growth, students are required to attend Bible classes and chapel, and expected to attend church services.
4. Personal wellness is stressed, and students must abstain completely from illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco in any form.
5. Social wellness is stressed, and students must exclude all forms of sexual immorality, pornography and profanity.
6. Students are expected to dress modestly at all times.


8. Sportsmanship and fair play are expected.
9. Students are encouraged to participate in social clubs, service clubs and other school organizations which provide opportunity to reflect the mission of the University in a social context.
10. Students are expected to serve others, consistent with the development of a servantleadership lifestyle.

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