Student Handbook – Code of Student Conduct – Technology Statement – Moral and Ethical Standards

Relevant excerpt

It is expected that all users of all University technology resources by guided by the ethics, morals, Judeo-Christian values and standards of this institution. Every user must respect the rights and dignity of others by using the technology resources responsibly and in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards. Therefore, certain behavior not consistent with the
ethics, morals and values of this institution and/or any reasonable person will not be tolerated. Following are some, but not all uses considered unacceptable:
1. Harassment that would cause distress, embarrassment, discomfort of intimidation based on race, national origin, disability, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation or other types of intimidation.
2. Offensive, tasteless, sexually explicit materials and images.


4. Vulgar, abusive or offensive language.


7. Behaving in any way that demonstrates a lack of respect for the rights and privacy of others.

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