Student Handbook, North Park University – Disciplinary Rules, Regulations, and Policies

Relevant excerpt

3.3 No person shall shout profanity or vulgar language on the North Park campus or at officially-sponsored campus events or use such language in any way that can be deemed harassing to another individual. (5 dps)


3.5 No person shall display any markings, taggings, or gang symbols anywhere on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, inside and outside of residence hall rooms and doors, public areas, and classrooms. (20 dps)


3.6 No person shall display items imaging nudity in the residence hall, campus apartments, or houses. (5 dps)
3.7 No person shall show any pornographic films, videos, CDs, etc., in the residence halls, campus apartments, or houses. (10 dps)

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