Student Handbook: THE PITT PROMISE 06-07

Relevant excerpt

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to the advancement of learning and service to society. This is best accomplished in an
atmosphere of mutual respect and civility, self-restraint, concern for others, and academic integrity. By choosing to join this
community, I accept the obligation to live by these common values and commit myself to the following principles.
I will embrace the concept of a civil community which abhors violence, theft, and exploitation of others;
I will commit myself to the pursuit of knowledge with personal integrity and academic honesty;
I will respect the sanctity of the learning environment and avoid disruptive and deceitful behavior toward other members of
the campus community;
I will support a culture of diversity by respecting the rights of those who differ from myself;
I will contribute to the development of a caring community where compassion for others and freedom of thought and
expression are valued; and
I will honor, challenge and contribute to the scholarly heritage left by those who preceded me and work to leave this a better
place for those who follow.
By endorsing these common principles, I accept a moral obligation to behave in ways that contribute to a civil campus
environment and resolve to support this behavior in others. This commitment to civility is my promise to the University of
Pittsburgh and its community of scholars.

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