Student Life Presentations Policy 09-10

Category: Other Speech Codes, Statement School: The Catholic University of America Statement Rating: Not yet rated Last updated: March 4, 2003

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The university, operating within the framework of the foregoing, is committed to its various constituencies to avoid the following:

1. blasphemy: the act of expressing irreverence for God or those things held sacred;

2. pornography: explicit sex lacking any artistic merit, portrayed in a vulgar and exploitative manner;


4. advocacy: meaning the act of pleading for, supporting, inciting or recommending active espousal of (as opposed to scholarly and abstract discourses), examining or questioning the legal, academic or moral propriety of the subject under discussion, constituting a clear and present danger of:

a. the violent overthrow of the government of the United States or any political subdivision thereof;

b. the destruction of, damage to, or the unlawful seizure or subversion of the university's buildings or other property;

c. the disruption, impairment or interference with the university's regularly scheduled classes or other educational functions;

d. coercion, threats, intimidations, blasphemy, defamation, physical harm or other invasions of the lawful rights of the members of the university community;

e. any campus disorder of a violent nature;

f. illegal acts constituting a deprivation of the civil or property rights of others.

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