Student Organizations-Recognition Process

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In general terms the College grants recognition only to a student group [...] 2) whose purpose and associations are not inconsistent with the mission and heritage of the College, 3) whose existence advances a sense of community throughout the College.
These standards of recognition imply several things.
First, while honoring the right of members of the College community to the fullest freedom of expression consistent with good order, the College does not lend its name or resources to organizations that advocate or act in a manner hostile to the values espoused by the institution itself.
The College will consider the goals and actions of associations external to Monmouth in considering recognition of student groups who wish to affiliate with such organizations.
Second, only student organizations that have the goal and potential to promote the shared personal and intellectual growth of the whole campus community can expect recognition.
Organizations that turn away from significant portions of the community or act to alienate others will not receive formal recognition.

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