Free Speech and Advocacy on Campus

Relevant excerpt Speakers may speak in any outdoor area, as long as such speech does not violate the time, place, and manner restrictions set forth in section 4.8.6 of this policy. The University also provides reasonably appropriate places inside the Sharwan Smith Student Center, outside the Gerald R. Sherratt Library, and on the quad north of the Library to enable speakers to address those wishing to listen. These places shall be available to any person, but University organizations and members of the University community shall have scheduling preference in the use of these designated places. Nothing in this section (4.8.5) shall be interpreted as limiting the right of free speech elsewhere on the campus as provided by this policy. Although it is not necessary for a person planning a protest or demonstration to obtain prior permission from the University, the University encourages such persons to contact the campus Centralized Scheduling Office to reserve or schedule a place in advance to ensure availability, and to review SUU policy 5.13, Facility Utilization and Rental. University organizations and members of the University community reserving use of University facilities and places shall be given priority over those who do not have a reservation.

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