Campus Rules and Procedures: Publicity Rules and Procedures

Relevant excerpt

For the purpose of this policy, Publicity and Solicitation are defined as advertising through means of printed materials (such as flyers and banners), sandwich board, A-frames or other outdoor displays, distribution of literature or handbills, and/or campaigning (political or other).

Any publicity or solicitation, as defined by this policy, must:
• be reviewed and approved by Student Affairs Marketing & Communications prior to display or distribution. Additional approval may be required depending on the type or location;
• not advertise or promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or illegal substances;
• not promote discriminatory, subversive, or unlawful behavior;
• not be posted using nails, glues, staple guns, or tape;
• include the individual or organization name, date of event, and contact information.

All flyers, posters, and handbills must meet the above General Guidelines and be stamped by Student Affairs Marketing and Communications or appropriate designee prior to being displayed or distributed.

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