Policy No. 121 Access to and Use of Campus Property and Facilities: Use of Non-designated Areas

Relevant excerpt

2. Affiliated Users are required to submit an Application for Use for open-air (open space) activities and events if any of the following apply:
a. The Affiliated User wants to be assured that the Property will be available for use at the preferred time;
b. The activity or event will involve more than twenty-five (25) participants, including expected invitees or guests;
c. User intends to serve, provide, or distribute food that exceeds the limits described in TTU Policy 508 (Food Purchase Policy).
d. User intends to use equipment (e.g. tables, stages, etc.) or utilities (e.g., water, electricity, etc.);
e. The activity or event includes the use of signs, banners, posters, and/or other displays causing ground penetration or attached to Tennessee Tech Property;
f. User intends to erect any structure, platform, edifice, or similar construct; or
g. User intends to use sound amplification.

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