Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures: 5.01.01- Freedom of Expression

Relevant excerpt

The university expects that persons engaging in organized expressive activities will demonstrate civility …

Organized expressive activity: Any organized non-curriculum related rally, parade, demonstration, stationary structure or display, concert or other similar event designed to attract an audience of twenty-five (25) or more people.

Texas Southern University students, faculty and staff who wish to engage in an expressive activity (including literature distribution) that is not an official University activity, and does not meet this policy’s definition of an organized expressive activity (i.e., where an expressive activity is designed to attract an audience of less than 25 people), may engage in such expressive activity in the University’s common areas (e.g., “Tiger Walk” and University parks and sidewalks) without prior registration or approval. If an expressive activity was not designed to attract an audience of twenty-five (25) or more people, but does in fact attract an audience of twenty-five (25) or more people, the expressive activity may be required to be relocated to a drop-in organized expressive activity area on campus if necessary to avoid disrupting University business or classes, blocking building access, or creating traffic hazards.


A.   Texas Southern University has designated areas for outdoor organized expressive activities.

B.   Some areas designated as “drop-in zones” do not require reservation.

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